Hello, my name is Christian Leuenberg, I was born in 1981, I live quite rural in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and have been making music since my childhood. I used to be the bass player in German Progressive Rock group Mrs. Kite, formerly known as “IT’S US”, in the mid-2000s. In 2014 I ventured into the public eye with the release of my solo EP “Dying Souls”: A radio appearance in Germany as well as the opening song in an independent movie which aired on Italian television were the results. Since then I have been writing and producing intensively more songs and released several singles and EPs. I started a band side-project in 2018 called Gilligan where I mainly write the songs and play guitars. In November 2020 I released a concept album tracked on analog recording equipment titled “Nine by One“. I am currently building my own recording studio which hopefully will be finished early 2022 to be the home for my next productions.

Besides my passion for music I furthermore produce a podcast about Austrian Economics with the title “Mises Karma” (website).

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