The past

My name is Christian Leuenberg, born 1981 in Wipperfürth, a small town near Cologne, Germany. I play the guitar since my early childhood. Over the years, I have been active in various local bands and home-recording my own music until I took a long creative break in 2006. In 2013 I started to write and record as a solo artist with a couple of new song ideas – the outcome: My first solo-EP called “Dying Souls” was released worldwide under self-distribution in April 2014. My music is best described as alternative rock, singer-songwriter and acoustic, slightly influenced by progressive rock.

The present

I am currently working on several new releases. Beside my concept-EP “Illusionary Worlds”, for which I have been writing and recording since 2015, I spontaneously started to work on a series of EPs titled “Time Revisited” which will feature re-recordings of my very first solo-songs from the late nineties. I am using mainly the same recording equipment such as a Fostex multitracker that I already used to record those original tracks. Part 1 will feature five songs, the release is scheduled for september 2018.

The future

I started to collaborate on a side-project called “Gilligan”. We are working on our first release which will be out during fall 2018, hopefully. Expect some british-like rock music, heavily inspired by Oasis.