Mixing and mastering my upcoming EP

Finally, we started the mixing and mastering process of Time Revisited, Part 1 last monday!

After recording the final bits to my upcoming EP, I handed over my old Fostex multi-tracker to Patrick, who already mixed and mastered my 2014 EP Dying Souls.

Because of the antique recording device and it’s limitations in pretty much all ways, I was a bit concerned if we really could manage to separate all the single signals / tracks in order to transfer everything into Patrick’s DAW. After struggling around with it, we finally managed to export everything onto his studio computer.

Now it’s Patrick’s job to mix and master these 5 songs and I am very excited to listen to the first results. If you’re excited too, head over to my shop and pre-order your digital copy of Time Revisited, Part 1 now for only 5 Euros.

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