New album “Nine by One” premiers Nov. 19th on Instagram!

I would like to announce that my new concept album “Nine by One” will premiere on November, 19th 2020 and release on Spotify etc. on November, 27th.

The album title “Nine by One” refers to the protagonist (called “111 111 111”), who lives in a dystopian superstate, and it also alludes to the amount and duration of the individual album tracks: 9 songs at 1 minute each!

Why this? The album will premiere on my Instagram account by releasing one song per day as video posts, starting on November, 19th 2020. On the last day (Nov., 27th) the full album will be available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all major platforms.

To be part of this experimental type of album release, please follow me on Instagram at:

And if you pre-order “Nine by One” on Bandcamp, you will have immediately access to the opening track called “The Working Men”!

Fun fact: This whole album was recorded analog onto cassette tape using an old Tascam 688.

Best wishes and have fun with the album,

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