New EP planned for 2015 *Update 2*

Under the title “Illusionary Worlds” I plan to release a new EP later this year.

The new CD will be recorded with an acoustic set this time. Some of the songs are already finished and recorded as a demo, but some are still under development. The tracks for the presumably 4-song EP are mostly recorded directly in the studio of Hasenbau Musikproduktion.

So in the next few weeks, I’ll be pushing the songwriting to start recording the summer. Incidentally, the first artwork for Illusionary Worlds is already donw after I was heavily inspired by the first demos.

Update 27th September 2016

Obviously, it did not work out with a release in 2015, but the EP is still in the works. It will contain a total of 5 songs that form an overall concept and the first tracks have already been recorded. Compared to the previous EP only acoustic instruments are used – including many percussion instruments such as a cajon. Everything is played in 432Hz tuning, the original, so-called divine mood. I am pleased with the first results and look forward to the final product, which will hopefully be completed in the next few months.

Update 22nd April 2018

Ok folks, this is kind of a very long story. To put it short: Many things in my private life have changed since I started working on “Illusionary Worlds” back in 2014/2015 which caused a very long delay in the working process. The whole production is close to finish since months – I only need to finalize the lyrics in order to record all the vocal parts. Let’s keep fingers crossed that this EP will be out in 2018 …

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