Time Revisited, Part 2 released!

My new EP is now available, as digital download directly on my website or as stream on well-known platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Co.

In the last months I have reinterpreted and recorded five of my old songs that I wrote as a teenager or young adult. The new versions of these songs are partly strongly and partly less strongly oriented on the originals. I have rewritten all the lyrics which led to the fact that I had to assign new names in some cases.

About the production process: I recorded all songs with a minimal setup at my home on a multitracker. To have similar conditions as 20 years ago, when I recorded these songs for the first time, I set myself a limit of eight tracks. I used the following instruments: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, Irish bouzuki, cajon and percussions.

It was important for me to create a lively production. For this reason I did not use a metronome. This way, quite natural tempo fluctuations were created. I also tuned my instruments to 432Hz.

The lyrics are about consciousness, transience, love, freedom and spirituality. The EP includes the following songs:

  1. The Truth (Will Set You Free) [03:51]
  2. Time [04:15]
  3. Coming Home [02:47]
  4. Somewhere in Time [02:58]
  5. Goodbye ’99 [03:55]

Thanks to Patrick Frangenberg for mixing and mastering!

Go to my webshop and order the digitial download of “Time Revisited, Part 2″:

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